Hospice Care in Norman and Ada, Oklahoma

McCortney Family Hospice

You face an emotional and difficult decision when your loved one is approaching their final months. Get the help, attention and care needed to make those months less stressful, with compassion and comfortable solutions for that special person, as well as yourself.

Hospice care in Norman and Ada—with services combining medical, emotional, and spiritual support—may be the best path for you. We were founded to ensure that families in our communities have access to the best possible hospice care.


 Do you have your Advanced Directive on file with your primary physician?


We aren’t owned by a huge corporation, where profits and policies may override a patient getting the individualized care they need. Our dedicated, caring, and highly experienced staff does everything possible to provide comfort and support that we tailor around your wishes.

McCortney Family Hospice

Whether your loved one is in their own home, nursing home, or assisted living center in Norman, Ada or the surrounding areas, we provide care where you need it. Plus, Medicare and private insurance cover most hospice services so the cost to you may be minimal—or even zero.

We believe every situation is different. Each patient is unique and we treat them that way. We’re just a phone call away. Contact our dedicated professionals to get your questions answered today.

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