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Making Every Day Count

It’s a difficult, emotional position when your loved one is approaching their final months. So many decisions need to be made. But your focus — is solely on them.

McCortney Family Hospice has the knowledge, personalized attention and resources to make their time here comfortable as possible. Whether your loved one lives in their home, nursing home or assisted living center, we provide care when and where they need it most.

We believe the families in our communities should have access to the best hospice care possible. We work closely with Medicare and private insurance companies to cover most hospice services — resulting in minimal or even zero cost.


 Do You Have an Advanced Directive on File With Your Primary Physician?

This document protects your loved one in the case they’re unable to make their own health care decisions.


We aren’t owned by a huge corporation, where profits and policies may override a patient getting the individualized care they need. Our dedicated, caring, and highly experienced staff does everything possible to provide comfort and support that we tailor around your wishes.

McCortney Family Hospice

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Each Walk of Life is Different

This is just one of many reasons we individually tailor our services and recommendations. From medical and home health assistance to emotional and spiritual support, our dedicated professionals are just a phone call away.

We believe in timeliness, compassion and will always have your loved one’s best interest at heart. Our team at McCortney Family Hospice is here to serve on your behalf. Whether that means scheduling prescriptions, providing respite care, obtaining medical equipment or supplies, you can count on our team 24/7.


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