Receiving a terminal diagnosis is devastating. The following weeks and months are difficult when a loved one is facing a serious illness. This is one of many reasons why access to hospice care in Moore is so important — it helps your loved one stay as comfortable as possible.

We often hear families say “I wish I would’ve called sooner,” but don’t because of the emotions attached to making the call. Hospice helps preserve your loved one’s dignity providing them access to all the resources they need as the disease progresses.

You may be wondering, when is the right time to call hospice? In our blog today, we’ll be answering this question by sharing three key services involved in hospice care.


The doctor determines there is six months or less to live.

Hospice isn’t an age-based service. Instead, it’s available to individuals whose doctor determines they have a terminal illness and six months or less to live. If your loved one surpasses the six months, they can continue on hospice care as long as the physician and hospice staff deem they still qualify for hospice services.

The services provided in hospice make the patient’s last stages of life more comfortable. It involves a team approach to medical care, pain management, emotional and spiritual support tailored to the patient’s needs and wishes. Hospice professionals also provide bereavement care and counseling to the patient’s family and close friends.

Many people wait too long to begin hospice care in Moore. But, if you’re aware of the benefits these services provide, you may feel more confident starting hospice sooner.


1. Hospice care makes pain management a priority.

Hospice is about comfort. You don’t want to wait until your loved one is in pain to start hospice care in Moore. Once you’ve decided to make pain management a priority, contact McCortney Hospice as soon as possible to start organizing medications, equipment and care services.

One of the biggest perks of working with hospice is your loved one has access to our on-call nurses, 24-hours a day.


2. You’re not making several trips to the hospital

Constantly driving to the hospital for treatment is exhausting (and expensive) for caregivers and patients. But with hospice, your loved one can receive treatment and assistance in the comfort of their home.

Hospice is great because it limits the amount of time your loved one spends in a hospital room, and increases the quality time they spend with family and friends.


4. Hospice care provides clients with additional services.

When your loved one is struggling to breathe, talk or eat, hospice provides special services to help them navigate the new challenges associated with their illness.

A hospice team usually consists of physicians, nurses, home health aides, social workers, speech and physical therapists working together to meet the needs of your loved ones. Hospice also brings in volunteers for added interaction — which can be especially helpful if the patient’s family lives out-of-state.


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