Though winter lays out pristine blankets of snow, it can quickly become worrisome for aging seniors. Because winter is unpredictable (especially in Oklahoma), it’s important to plan for any case – unsafe traveling conditions or even power outages. Seniors need to take extra precaution during this season. Our team here at McCortney Hospice has gathered 4 winter safety tips to carry you through!

1. A little goes a long way.

If you have an aging parent or loved one, be sure to check on them regularly. If you live out of town, make an arrangement with neighbors. You’ll also want to help your senior make preparations for winter safety. This includes having emergency supplies on hand, transportation arrangements for medical appointments, or having someone help keep the driveway and sidewalk shoveled.

2. Clear any kind of walkways.

Falling is a major concern for seniors, especially during winter safety scenarios. We recommend putting down ice thaw to keep outdoor paths as slip-free as possible. As for indoors, be mindful of cords from portable heaters and heating pads, clearing areas that receive the most foot traffic.www

3. Prevention is key.

During winter, aging adults generally produce less body heat. This makes them easily susceptible to illness and the risk of hypothermia. Try to limit your loved one’s time outdoors as much as possible. If they do need to venture outside, hats, gloves and warm socks are encouraged to help reduce heat loss.

4. Use precaution with heating systems.

Whether it’s a chimney, fireplace or portable heater, fires are a common concern for seniors. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detector is fully functioning and monitor your loved one for any dizziness or nausea. If there’s a fireplace in use, our team recommends having the chimney and flue inspected and cleaned. Additionally, use the 3-feet rule when using a portable heater, keeping it a good distance from anything flammable.

Looking for more winter safety tips? Explore our blog and give our McCortney Hospice team a call if you have any questions. We’re always here to help you and your loved one. (405) 360-2400