“According to estimates, there are hundreds of thousands — maybe even a million seniors living in their homes who are malnourished” (NPR 2015).

Cooking nutritious food can become difficult to impossible as you get older, because a number of health problems may arise including increased risks of illness, frailty and falls.

Sometimes, a senior may not be able to lift a heavy pot or stand for long periods of time. Sometimes, an assisted living center is a good option because it can help with cooking. And, these facilities offer a variety of care options. However, if your loved one is wishing to stay home, there’s an alternative to consider.

For example, meal delivery services are able to assist seniors in eating healthy nutritious meals. Time, customization, safety, affordability and companionship are just a few of many reasons why seniors turn to home delivery options.

If you or a loved one are considering meal delivery, then McCortney Family Hospice is here to help weigh your options!


Senior Centers

Where do you start looking? Well first, There are a ton of local senior centers and churches that offer hot meals for local senior residents. To start, you’ll need to check the times and frequency they serve. The National Care Planning Council is a great resource for locating community meal options.


  • The food is affordable. 
  • Various locations are nearby.
  • Also, they offer a great place for social opportunities.


  • The food needs to be eaten at the center or picked up.
  • It requires transportation.
  • Your menu is pre-determined for you.


Mailed Meals

Anymore, there are tons of mailed delivery options for you to choose from. From gluten-free to pescatarian or vegan, you can choose from a variety of nutritional dietary plans. To start, all you need to do is determine the frequency in which you’d like to receive the meals. Then, you choose the serving amount, filter with any dietary restrictions and input a payment card. 

Some services allow you to customize plans to your meal preferences. You can also skip weeks when you don’t require services. For example, HelloFresh, Blue Apron and Green Chef are some of the most popular right now.


  • It can save trips to the grocery store.
  • Also, you can enjoy ordering online.


  • Some options will still require cooking which can be physically challenging for some.
  • Unfortunately, mail delivery doesn’t offer a companionship component to subscribers.
  • Generally, you’ll have to pay for shipping costs.


In-Home Delivery

In-home delivery is perhaps one of the more well-known home delivery options of the four. For example, organizations like Meals on Wheels provide an incredible benefit to seniors — providing affordable both meals and companionship. It’s one of the largest national meal providers offers catered menus and dietary options in select states. Also, you can use this tool to find a location near you.

In-Home Chef

A final option you have for meal delivery is hiring a home chef. What is great about this option is they’ll do all the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning included in the meal. However, it may not be an option for everyone. But, it’s ideal for a loved one with strict dietary needs and preferences. The majority of the time, there’s enough food made for leftovers. 


  • Meals are fully-customizable to extreme dietary needs or preferences.
  • Seniors can provide instant feedback to the chef.
  • Ingredients are fresh from the grocery.
  • Also, seniors gain companionship through regular visits.


  • Unlike other options, it can be expensive. 
  • The limited service areas could reduce options.
  • You could have difficulty finding the right fit.


A healthy balance of nutrition, physical exercise and socialization are key for aging in place. Give us a call at (405) 360-2400, to learn more ways you can plan for a loved one