Talking about end-of-life care is never easy, but knowing how hospice in Ada works will help ease some of the common concerns that arise from uncertainty. The purpose of hospice is to make your loved one as comfortable as possible. And it starts with a referral from a doctor.


Before You Start Hospice

Make sure your loved one is ready to take the step. They might still be set on fighting the disease.  It is good to discuss with your loved one about end-of-life care even if it is difficult.  Hospice care is about making you and your loved one as comfortable as possible.  The benefit of hospice care is that you and your loved one can celebrate their life in the comfort of their own home.  


Assessment for eligibility.

Once you and your family have made a decision, your loved one’s doctor will request a referral which should take 24-48 hours.  Hospice care for individuals with a life expectancy of six months or less


Paying for the service.

Hospice is covered by Medicare and in most states by Medicaid. Patients who have Medicare receive coverage from the Medicare Hospice Benefit.  Many insurance companies also have some form of coverage for hospice care.  If you do not have Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance it is important for you to call still and see what a hospice can do to help.


Setting up the home.

Depending on you your situation, your loved one may require different home arrangement.  Talk with your doctor and hospice care team to determine what is needed.  Often this means rearranging a room or a couple of rooms to accommodate your loved one and the hospice care team.


Medical support from doctors and nurses.

The primary goal of hospice care is to make your loved one as comfortable as possible.  The team consists of and works with doctors and nurses to manage pain and related symptoms.  This includes medication, medical supplies and equipment.  

Home health aides are available to visit daily to help with daily tasks, such as bathing, transferring, changing linens and personal needs.

Additionally, emotional and spiritual support is offered as well not only to your loved one but the family as well.


Therapy options.

We can tailor hospice care to each patient’s needs.  Each situation is unique, and hospice can cover a variety of patient needs during their time.  

This can include massage therapy and speech therapy.  You may also seek the advice of a dietician to help keep your loved one comfortable with a steady and proper diet.  Hospice is not about hastening or postponing death, but to make life as comfortable as possible for you and your loved one.


Bereavement services after funeral

Support doesn’t end with the funeral.  Emotional and spiritual support after the loss of your loved one is important.  Hospice care can help you, your friends and family after your loss through grief counseling and support groups.  

Talk with McCortney Family Hospice about hospice in Ada and recommendations we can provide to help you overcome the loss.  Grief is a natural process, and hospice is here to help.

Want to learn more about hospice? Download our guide.
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