Planning a funeral can be wrought with what feels like a million decisions – decisions made much more difficult when you’re grieving the loss of your loved one. Consider planning when possible, so that the choices you make best reflect the deceased’s wishes as well as the families.

Here are a few steps to help you get started.

Planning a funeral begins with selecting a funeral home.

Choose a funeral home, funeral director or alternative funeral service provider to help you plan the ceremony, coordinate with the cemetery and handle technical services such as the care, preparation and final disposition of the deceased.

Communicate to family and friends.

Notify close family and friends as soon as possible and consider asking some of them to help contact others. Also, be sure to call the deceased’s employer if he or she was working as well as any organizations he or she participated in. Be sure someone is handling the care of any dependents and pets.

Choose the type of service.

The funeral home or another provider you choose can help you make the tedious decisions involved in commemorating the life of the deceased. You’ll need to consider things such as what type of ceremony. Consider what the best location of the ceremony is and whether there will be visitation. Will you have an open or closed casket? Who will participate? Will there be music or readings, and transportation for the deceased and the family? These decisions can seem especially overwhelming, so be sure to include other trusted family or friends as needed to help?

Consider other third-party services.

Many funeral homes may also offer to coordinate other necessary third-party services. You can incorporate honorariums or fees for clergy services, use of religious organizations or fees for musicians or vocalists. You need to determine whether you prefer to accept floral arrangements or set up a fund for memorial donations. You’ll also need to consider clothing for the deceased, and write an obituary.  Other things to delegate include, appointing someone to handle food and beverages for luncheons and obtaining certified copies of death certificates.

Remember, there are a myriad of options when it comes to celebrating a life. No one way is better than another. Here at McCortney Hospice we know you face an emotional and difficult decision when your loved one is approaching their final months. Call us at 405.360.2400 to visit with local, caring, experts for hospice care.