As a kid, spending time with your grandparents over spring break could be either an awesome adventure or a total buzzkill. However, there are plenty of wonderful activities for kids to do with their grandparents over the holiday. Here are just a few of many ways to make time with grandparents especially enjoyable.

Make Dinner Together

Recipes are a classic tradition to pass on through family generations. Start young and teach your grandchildren how to make their favorite dishes for sharing!

Trip to the Zoo

Visiting exotic animals at the zoo is a wonderful idea for an easy day trip. Grab some lemonade and don’t forget your sunscreen — it’s sure to be a wild time.

“How To” on the Cell Phone

Technology is almost second nature to kids, but grandparents typically don’t find it so easy. When visiting a grandparent, helping them learn how to work their cell phone can be amusing and fun — as well as beneficial to the grandparent.


Kids don’t seem to get outside much anymore, but a gardening session with grandparents could be a fun way to get them more interested in nature!


Art is something no one is ever too old or too young to enjoy. Click here ( for some fun craft projects to do with your grandchildren.

Visit Local Landmarks

Many people never see or enjoy the unique aspects of their own city. Visiting a local landmark or attraction could be a new experience for both the kids and grandparents!


Since there is typically a huge age gap, conversation between kids and grandparents can be a little rough sometimes. Here are a few conversation-starters for kids and grandparents that could be interesting for both parties to discuss.


What was your favorite memory from when you were my age?

When did you meet grandma/grandpa? Tell me about your story.

What was the coolest time you ever had with mom/dad?


If you could be anything when you grow up, what would you be? Why?

Who is your best friend? Tell me about them.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?
These tips will help kids and their grandparents have deeper conversations while creating wonderful memories together. To learn more ways on how to engage with an elderly loved one give us a call at McCortney Hospice, 405-360-2400.