Q. What does hospice include?

A. McCortney Family Hospice provides traditional hospice services with a personal touch. Among these are:
 * Physician services (Care may be provided by your own doctor, our Medical Directors, or both working together. The choice is yours.)
 * 24-hour, on-call home nursing care
 * Personal care by certified Home Health Aides
 * Social Workers to help families access available community resources and assist with end-of-life planning
 * Chaplains and Counselors
 * Therapy services (i.e. dietary, physical, etc.)
 * Medical equipment
 * Prescription medications
 * Volunteers to provide friendly visits and respite care
 * Bereavement support

Q. Who can receive hospice care?

A. Anyone who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and who meets the medical criteria is eligible for hospice services. Typically a physician will write a referral for hospice care when a patient has a terminal illness and is expected to pass away within six months. McCortney Family Hospice provides patient services without regard to age, gender, race, religion, disability (mental or physical), sexual orientation, communicable disease status or place of national origin.

Q. Is hospice the right choice for me?

A. Your specific medical issues, your desires, your family situation and many other factors should be considered in determining if hospice is right for you. A good first step is talking to a member of our staff who can help answer questions about your specific situation. Keep in mind that hospice may not be the best choice for everyone. In some cases, a personís illness may not have progressed to the point where hospice care is recommended. For others, it may not be the best option because of limitations on what types of medical treatments are available.

Q. How do I pay for hospice?

A. For most people hospice care is free, and much of the time it actually reduces expenses. If you have Medicare, 100% of your McCortney Family Hospice care is covered, with little, if any, out-of-pocket costs. Many people can reduce their medical bills by accessing the Medicare hospice benefit. Most private insurance companies provide hospice benefits that are identical to those provided by Medicare, and our social workers also can help families gain access to available community resources. Finally, we provide help to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay. Utilizing hospice care typically means there are no additional financial burdens incurred by the family, in sharp contrast to the enormous expenses that can happen at the end of life when hospice is not used.

Q. Why McCortney Family Hospice?

A. In short, because we are dedicated to caring. We view our work as a mission, not a job, and we are always willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our patients and their families. Many larger companies focus on the numbers, not the patients. It is our belief that hospice is about caring for people, not maximizing corporate profits.

Q. What area do you serve?

A. We serve patients who live within a 50-mile radius of our offices in Ada and Norman, Oklahoma. The map below shows our entire coverage area by county.
Q. What area do you serve?

Q. How do I make a donation to McCortney Family Hospice?

A. From time to time, family and friends of our patients opt to make a financial donation to McCortney Family Hospice as a way to express their appreciation for our care of their loved one. All donations that we receive are placed into a separate fund, and we use those gifts to assist our current patients with special needs. Recipients are selected on a case-by-case basis. Among the criteria we use to select these patients are financial hardship, quality of life and patient safety. Anyone wishing to donate to our fund may send a check or money order payable to the McCortney Family Hospice Foundation. The tax-deductible donation can be mailed to either our Ada office, 117 S. Broadway, Ada, OK 74820, or our Norman office, 623 N. Porter, Suite 200, Norman, OK 73071. If you are donating in memory of a specific patient, please include that information as well, so that we can let the patientís family know about your gift. We at McCortney Family Hospice thank you for your generosity and for the opportunity to serve your loved one. Rest assured that we will use your gift to benefit others to the fullest extent possible.