“Our family would like to thank you for your kindness and support during Clydis’ last months. We were so blessed to have him home and know that he had the best care. The strength you gave us will always be remembered and helped us so much as a family.”

– The Williams Family


“Dear McCortney Staff,

I want to express a big thank you to the staff for the care given to my daughter, Joyce. We had our first contact with McCortney Family Hospice as Joyce was being discharged from the hospital. Maggie came in and introduced herself as a nurse with hospice. We immediately had a sense of being in good hands. Maggie’s care and concern for Joyce’s needs, as well as for the rest of our family, was heaven sent.

Maybe this is the best way I can say Thank You, “If I had searched the world over I could not have found a better, loving, caring hospice for my daughter.”

– Cleo Young


“After another hospice failed us miserably, McCortney came in and treated us like royalty. I needed help getting Kathy cleaned up early Christmas morning and to give her a shot. The nurse went out of her way to help. Every person who came out spent time getting to know Kathy and answering our questions. Supplies and equipment were delivered before we had a need. They helped us when no other hospice was ready to take on Kathy’s case. Can’t possibly say how much we appreciated them.”

– Mark Malthaner


“McCortney Family Hospice was literally an answer to prayer.
My father received a terminal diagnosis with only a short time left.  I’ve never been through a process like that before and it is a lot to deal and is overwhelming.  I say they are an answer to prayer, because I really had no idea what to do or where to turn.  So, I turned to prayer and prayed that God would lift the burden of managing my dad’s condition so that I could focus on caring, loving and spending quality time with him before our time would come to an end. Looking back, that is exactly what McCortney did for me and my family so that I could focus solely on the things that matter when time is running out; things like spending time together, talking together, praying together, laughing together and crying together.
It takes a special group of people to run a business based upon compassion, mercy and love and NOT on solely on profit.  I feel like there is a genuine care for each patient and with each new patient, so grows the family at McCortney.”

– Jason Nelson


“My mom and our family were so blessed to have McCortney as our hospice caregivers. Never have I met such caring nurses and aides, and Chaplain Tom is still in touch with my dad almost a year later. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of hospice care..”

– Debi Patton


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